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Sensor data uploaded using our gateway "Norman" series can be easily viewed using the web application "Pomona". In addition to sap flow data, you can view various sensor data such as sap flow rate, temperature/humidity, solar radiation, leaf wetness, stem diameter, volumetric moisture content and so on. This app not only displays and monitors the data being measured in graphs, but also allows you to download RAW data and calculated data.

If data communication is not required or the communication environment is poor, we have prepared an Access file to calculate the sap flow rate from the RAW data stored in the SD card. Please feel free to use it as a local file. If you use your own third-party data logger, you will need to adjust this Access file as the data structure may be different. Please contact us if you need it.


We have also kept the old app and Excel file for calculating sap flow rate just in case. Please feel free to use it.


Access App




Excel Book

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