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Case study



 Many vineyards could face severe drought during the growing season. The picture above is a vineyard in Marlboro in March 2019. Marlboro suffered its first major drought in 40 years, from late last year to early March. Restricting water absorption suppresses the physiological activity of the plants. Soil moisture sensors may be used to schedule irrigation, but this value can vary greatly depending on where the soil moisture sensor is buried and to what depth. Meanwhile, the sap flow sensor can measure sap flow that reflects the root conditions of the grape vine, allowing you to grasp the water stress conditions the plant is facing and design an optimal irrigation control algorithm.

Mandarin orchard

The impact of picking agents and biostimulant agents on gas exchange in mandarin trees can be evaluated in mandarin orchards. Sometimes, certain types of sprays are not visibly effective and only have a placebo effect. What changes are shown in plant physiology when something is sprayed in the field? By monitoring gas exchange quantitatively, we can also find out how long the effects of the spray persist.

Mandarin orchard

Greenhouse melons are one of the most difficult crops to control watering for. Precise control of watering amounts can lead to the prevention of cracking and the stable production of high-sugar melons. By analyzing the relationship between the sap flow rate and environmental factors, a transpiration model formula that accurately predicts melon transpiration from temperature, humidity, and radiation can be developed. This transpiration model formula may vary depending on the greenhouse environment and variety.

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