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For what?

Sap Flow & Gas-Exchange Monitoring

 Measurement system for assessing gas-exchange of plants have been quite expensive. However, in addition to the water consumption by plants, our monitoring system is able to estimate the gas-exchange capacity by sap flow and vapor-pressure deficit sensing. It would be very helpful for your farming. By knowing the specific water consumption in case by case, you will not get lost in irrigation management.


Installation point & Sensor size

 The sensor size is single only (10mmφ), because it's hard to measure the total leaf area to normalize the sap flow amount in thicker stem or shoot which come out more leaves. Please install KSap flow sensor on a stem or distal shoot of around 10mmφ. Then, the sensor can detect the sap flow amount which reflects the structure and condition of stem or shoot and leaves on the tip side of the installation point.

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